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    AS&H Number 31

    12 High Country
    Frank got a new map and is not afraid to explore!

    20 Girl Friday
    We talk to an intriguing lady who's completely embraced her naturist life.

    23 Samurai Carnival
    Frank takes us to his beloved Samurai beach for CAVN's 2014 Carnival.

    28 The Naked Truth?
    Last issue Pete asked us why is social networking so conservative? This issue he wonders if it matters.

    32 Flashback!
    Photos from the good old days.

    42 Still naked in NZ
    Sarah's still rushing around the island on her whirlwind trip.

    46 Naked Nomad
    Is Harley ready to retire?

    62 Recipes to Impress
    Dennis stakes his claim as the new naked chef.

    68 Complex
    A budget movie about a nudist looking for a flatmate.

    Ed Says

    Bottom Line

    Being Frank

    Nude Neighbourhood

    Black & White

    Not Quite News

    No Tan lines

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