Designer Lighting – Orchid Pendant Light LED

ou have seen the beautiful creatures on the land as well as the sea becoming classic inspirations for manufacturing design lighting. The plant kingdom has its share of inspirational figures such as the orchids. The beauty of the orchids is that they do not follow any set pattern but still look great with its dynamic and asymmetrical arrangements.


The best part of this design is that it is entirely hand-made. Having the Japanese art, Ikebana, as its inspiration, the design comprises of artistically arranged poly carbonate flowers on stainless steel wires around a centralized hub. The very reason for choosing orchids as a design is to allow the creator to be creative with his coloring. He need not follow a set pattern of coloring. He can give full vent to his imagination and bring out the real beauty of the orchids in this design.

The use of the LED lights is a beautiful complex. In addition to lighting up the flowers beautifully, they present a fabulous sight as well. In addition, the outstretched tendrils lend an air of special beauty to the entire design.

The ventral hub takes its inspiration from Mycelium. These are the roots that allow the trees to maintain communication levels with the underground structure. A stainless steel wire allows the balanced structure to gently rotate without any sort of help from air movement.

In short, one has to concede that it presents a great sight. One must credit the designer Marc Pascal for having such a terrific imagination to use sea and land creatures and natural plants as his sources of inspiration. This shows the artistic ability of the designer in full splendor.

Of course, the main purpose of  designer lighting shops in Melbourne is to provide adequate illumination, while adding extra flare to your homes interior. The LED lights are strong enough to ensure that.

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